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Calorie Counter


Lose weight with the Nutracheck App. It's the perfect diet companion, designed to make keeping track of your food intake quicker, easier and more convenient. Plus Nutracheck now links to your Fitbit account to automatically sync exercise with the App.Unlike some calorie counters, ours contains only US foods, weights and measures saving time and effort. Use the App on its own, or with the website. Website & App members simply sign in with your registered email and password.
New members can register in-App for the 7 day free trial. After the trial, continue free with daily restrictions or upgrade to full unlimited access for $4.99/month. For the complete service - including use of the website with unique features like Picture Search, Live Club Weigh-in, Emotional Food Triggers and Ask the Experts - subscribe in-App from $12.99/month.
If you are new to calorie counting, the food diary approach is a safe, healthy way to lose weight. You’ll feel in control of your daily calorie and fat intake without feeling you’re on a diet. In studies, people who kept a food diary doubled their chances of losing weight compared to other methods. The more food diary entries kept, the greater the weight loss achieved.
Reviewed by the Daily Mail "Of all the calorie counter Apps, this is one of the very best."WHAT'S INCLUDEDOUR BEST EVER CALORIE CALCULATOR, FOOD & EXERCISE DIARY APP
- Start with a diet profile to get your daily calorie and fat targets- Add food to you diary effortlessly with regular US serving sizes displayed for each item- Barcode scanning – just point and scan to instantly find the cals and fat of over 300,000 US products- Control your fat intake without having to ban specific foods groups- Eating out? Our database contains the cals and fat content for popular restaurant meals, fast food & takeaways- Over 1,000 calorie counted exercises, including popular DVDs and WiiFit activities- Convert pedometer steps to calories burnt- Syncs activity data from your Fitbit account- Use the 'Week view' for progress over time- Includes a fruit & vegetable trackerMEALS & RECIPES CALORIE CALCULATOR- If you find it hard to count the calories in homemade meals and recipes this is for you- Enter or scan all ingredients, tell the App the number of servings and it calculates the calories and fat content per serving- Stores all meals/recipes for future reference
- Keep motivated with a personal weight loss chart- Switch from lbs to kg with a tap- Weigh-in privately without attending a public class- Track weight and waist measurements
- Get fantastic support from fellow members on their weight loss journey- Whether you’re new to dieting or know what you should be doing, you'll find friendly, motivating advice- Full access to all our forums - read and post on the go- 100s of real life Q&As on how to lose weight from our nutrition and fitness experts